freefly mōvi m10 and mōvi m15 hire w/ operators.

Here at the mōvi guys we offer mōvi hire via our freefly mōvi m10 and mōvi m15 with fully trained operators to UK and Worldwide. Renting our mōvis adds blockbuster-budget camera moves at a fraction of the cost. Hire our mōvi rigs today.

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Freefly MōVI M15 Hire UK

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Our mōvi m15 hire is the latest in gimbal technology from freefly. Like its little brother our mōvi m10 hire its a super lightweight carbon fibre 3 axis camera stablisation gimbal that redefines the boundaries of how movies are made. This cutting-edge gimbal can take heavier payloads than the mōvi m10 hire.

This means: bigger cameras, a greater range of lenses, matte boxes, more lens control, et al. This also makes the mōvi hire super-vesitile and perfect for all productions from sports to top-end broadcast drama.

We are also expert Cable Dolly Riggers, Steadicam Specialists, and Lightweight 4K Drone operators. Our super-fast gyroscopically cable dolly has a max speed of 55 KPH, our Steadicam can be attached to our MōVI for some unique shots, and our lightweight filming UAVs are the very latest in tech from DJI.

Key Stats: Weight: 5.4 lb / 2.47 kg; Camera Cage: 203mm L x 203mm W x 197mm H; Maximum Payload: 15 lb / 6.8 kg.

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Freefly MoVI M10 Hire

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Being amongst the first video production companies in the UK to get their hands on the fantastic Freefly MōVI M10 hire we’re therefore amongst the most experienced.

We’ve been lucky enough to film some fantastic stuff with our MōVI M10 hire from epic battle scenes to Olympics winning gold medalists. We’ve attached the mōvi m10 hire to cable dollies and Steadicams and had cameras on it ranging from the 60D to the Red Epic Dragon.

The lightweight sibling of MōVI M15 hire, the entirely hand-crafted and custom designed 3-axis custom camera stabilisation gimbal is a fantastic piece of kit to have on your set.

The heart of the gimbal is Freefly’s proprietary high performance IMU and brushless direct drive system and it is epic.

Key Stats: Weight: 3.9 lb / 1.8 kg; Camera Cage: 140mm L x 200mm W x 200mm H; Maximum Payload: 12 lb / 5.44 kg.

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DJI Ronin Hire

camera stabilisation movi m15 hire movi m10 dji ronin rental bristol uk video production company film media

The DJI Ronin hire is one solid piece of kit. Its aluminium frame gives great stiffness settings perfect for even the hardiest, tightest, ruggedest situations. With custom built ultra-fast processors, precise sensors, and advanced algorithms, together with fanatical attention to detail has created a system that offers remarkably precise manipulation of control angles - within the range of ±0.02°.

Tool free adjustment: the lack of any requirement for any tools means that set up and adjustment times on the DJI Ronin hire are extremely quick. We dry hire our DJI Ronin and even operators and technicians with little gimbal experience can utilise the DJI Ronin hire with relative ease.

Key Stats: Weight: 9.26 lb / 4.2 kg; Camera Cage: 140mm L x 195 W x 225mm H; Maximum Payload: 16 lb / 7.25 kg.

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Our Work

We've filmed with some great names across the UK and worldwide from the BBC to Buxton Water, from ITV to Intel,
using our MōVIs to capture fully stabilised footage across a variety of genres.
Check out a selection of our mōvi hire work below.

Click here for our full Portfolio.

Click here for our full Portfolio.

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